PHUKET Thailand


30 mins or less to all


Kata Beach, on the west coast of Phuket island, is one of the most visited beaches after Patong Beach. Kata enjoys a superb sandy bay with an incredibly blue sea and an iconic island standing in the middle of the sea, making excellent sunset photos. Fantastic place in high season, Kata is sometimes unsafe to swim during the low season (June to November). However, because of the waves it then becomes popular among surfers and even hosts a surf competition once a year. Nothing unusual, but it’s a great place to learn. Few surf shops rent surfboards here and there and can teach you the basics.

Dino Park is a well-designed dinosaur-themed mini-golf with its cool volcano! It is well designed and it’s great fun to play with friends or family, but it can get hot in there.

Surf House Phuket is a fun artificial wave flowing on a safe rubber slide, great for both adults and kids to play and even practice your balance. The bar and restaurant around the slide are trendy and often hosts parties at night.

Wat Kitti Sangkharam is a modest but beautiful temple at the foot of a hill on Kata Beach back road.

Parasailing and jet skiing are available but not recommended for safety reasons.


One of the best things to do in Karon Beach is to enjoy the beach! But what makes this little paradise so special is that Karon Beach has a vast infrastructure, it’s quite urban yet you don’t have the feeling you are too close to the city.

The beach is surrounded by trees and plenty of grass. When you are sunbathing you don’t hear the sound of the cars, only the waves crashing on the sand. As you arrive at the beach you will find rental chairs and umbrellas, drinks and massage stalls. And they are not as pushy as in Patong Beach, in Karon even the locals are more relaxed.

Karon Beach is long but walkable both over the sand or the sidewalk along the beach. The north end of the beach is quieter than the south one, where you can watch the sunset in a bar on the rocks. 

Karon Beach is perfect for families with kids. There are plenty of activities and things for them to do in Karon Beach from little kids to teenagers. Plus, you don’t need to rent a motorbike, neither get a taxi to enjoy Karon Beach, everything is close and you can explore the beach area on foot.


Patong Beach is the true heart of Phuket, and what makes it so attractive to many, is often what other people hate most about it. Patong is big, bold, crowded, bright and loud. And yet millions of people flock here every year, like flies on honey. If Bangkok is the Big Mango, then Patong is the Big Durian: you’ll love Patong, or you’ll hate it!

The original success and popularity of Patong mostly rotates around two things: a fantastic beach and a legendary wild nightlife. The rest? Don’t blind yourself: shopping, dining, and foot massage are just the cherry on the cake.

Just walk up and down Bangla Walking Street at night, and you will understand instantly why it is so popular. Everyone is there: guys, girls, couples and even families with kids. And why not? Patong has rooftop bars, beach clubs and world-class nightclubs. For many, it’s a once in a lifetime party experience (once a year for some). For others, it’s mostly a curiosity to tick-off their ‘must-do’ list, and talk about once back home. Just look at the crowd staring at sexy and very feminine ladyboys dancing on a street stage in a very tiny outfit and you’ll get the picture, literally. And don’t forget to close your mouth.


The beach is vast with clear blue water during the high season and is not too busy during high season (December to May). It can get a bit crowded during the peak months of December and January. The southern part of the Nai Harn beach is crossed by a small stream coming from the lake nearby, so and you will have to get your feet wet to go to the other side.

Despite the remote location, there are a lot of interesting things to do around Nai Harn. There are two ways to get excellent bird views of Nai Harn Beach. The easy way is to go to the Windmill viewpoint next to Ya Nui Beach

To reach the beautiful hidden beach of Ao Sane, you will need to drive through the Nai Harn Resort. 

The small but much loved Ya Nui Beach is on the main road between Nai Harn and Promthep Cape. Between the beach and the lake, Wat Nai Harn was once a small and unknown temple surrounded by walls. After adding a brand new building, it expanded to become a landmark. The lake behind the beach, once natural, is now a large concrete pond where you can rent some paddle boats, fun for the kids.

If you are ready for a bit of exploration and climbing, try the Black Rock Viewpoint, but for this one, you would have to drive back to the Karon viewpoint to find the entrance road. That one requires a bit of dedication.


Just a few minutes away from the newest and biggest shopping mall in Phuket

Central Phuket Floresta sounds like another mall on the island but is just a massive extension of the good old Central Festival. With an ever-growing population, Phuket Festival was just getting too crowded, parking was getting impossible and weekends were seriously packed. As it is on the outskirt of Phuket town it somehow addresses more to locals than tourists  The first year was a bit confusing because many of the original shops were relocated to the new building and it was a little quiet at first. But Central know their customers well, and the balance is back, both sides start to be busy. In addition, the new branch placed its bet on food and new ambitious entertainment venues.

Like in all malls, the ground floor is mostly dedicated to luxury flagship brands with the usual names: Gucci, Hermès, Bvlgari, Prada, Dior, Balenciaga, Coach, Michael Kors etc. These big bright shops seem to always be empty, and it is always a bit of a mystery how they survive with so little customers. The ground floor is also where occasional car sales and seasonal events are held.

Further in the back is the department store that moved from the original building. Here you can find all the cosmetic brands you are familiar with. Expect also a lot of upmarket names but more mainstream names such as Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, Diesel and a lot of fashionable bags. The far end is where all the household has moved to and this area is quite interesting as it often addresses to people living here.

The lower floor is popular with a vast and very well supplied supermarket, including a wine cellar, a food court, a selection of excellent local restaurants (actually, these are branches of local restaurants).



Duty Free Destination in Downtown of the Pearl of Andaman

Located 30 kilometres away from Phuket Airport on Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road, Vichit Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District, King Power Phuket stands out with its architectural landmark and interior design which has taken a cue from a fusion of charming sino-portuguese style seen around Phuket’s old town area. Not only embracing local cultural heritage, King Power Phuket is also an environmental-responsible and resource-efficient green building. King Power Phuket houses a wide array of duty free selection which comprises of the world’s big brands in watches, fashion, perfumery, beauty, tobacco, sportswear, electronic gadgets as well as premium Thai products ranging from food souvenirs, Thai silk to folk crafts.

We have arranged for various services aimed to let you travel with ease. Complimentary services are offered at Travellers’ Lounge exclusively for foreign visitors; snacks, drinks, luggage lockers, WiFi access and kids’ play zone. Take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service to and from Phuket International Airport. If you need to exchange any currency, there is also a kiosk for that. For a proper meal, head to Ramayana Restaurant where international buffet are prepared to cater up to 1,500 guests.



Phuket Weekend Market, or Naka Market or even Chaofa Variety Weekend Market, is an immense night bazaar located near Central Festival in Phuket Town. Occasionally it’s even called ‘Phuket Chatuchak’ by reference to the giant Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok and Thais call it ‘Talad Tairod’, which means ‘Car Boot Sale’. Actually ‘Naka Market’ seems to be the name everyone is now using

The Phuket Weekend Market is big, crowded, hot, fun and almost overwhelming! You can walk in here for hours, looking at this vast bric-à-brac that makes this kind of night market fun, everything you don’t need is here, and most of it is fake!

You can divide the Naka Market into two sections: 1) the shopping and 2) the food, which is also a lot of fun, don’t miss it!

What to Buy at Phuket Weekend Market?

A lot of clothing, most displaying famous brands, but the low prices give a hint about their authenticity. If you enjoy this kind of shopping, you’ll have tons of fun, but you might also realise sooner than later that material, shape and quality doesn’t compare either. Bags, watches, accessories and even perfumes, of course, follow the same rule. If you look well, you might find some excellent local designers, so there is hope after all.

Then comes one of the most surprising shops! The second-hand shoe shop! I always wondered if it should be called ‘ Second-foot shoe shop’ but whatever… Ask yourself: would you be wearing used shoes? I once had my shoes stolen long ago in front of my house, and I always thought how funny it would be to find them back in such a place.


Central Floresta



Located in the heart of the city, beneath Central Phuket Floresta

A magical underwater journey at Phuket’s best aquarium that takes you through the wonders of the ocean and the mysteries of the rivers. Be entertained and inspired by over 25,000 animals and interact with our knowledgeable and friendly staff to learn more about the wonders of the ocean. Amaze your eyes and brain at Phuket aquarium, Central Phuket Floresta.

Aquaria Phuket spreads across area 3 rai. To maximise your experience, we recommend that you allow approximately 1 hour 45 minutes for your visit. Last admission occurs 1 hour before closing each day. There are gift a shops and toilets inside Aquaria Phuket for our visitors

Central Floresta is also great for kids with the Happy Kids Club, just next to the aquarium, with plenty of playgrounds and activities designed for your children.


Central Floresta

The Mystical Three Worlds which will take all visitors “Beyond theHorizon of Fantasy”. This unparalleled experience makes Tribhum a new must-visit landmark of Phuket.

The story started when all deities were gathering, at the auspicious time, to make the elixir water (the water of immortality). Suddenly one drop of the elixir water fell to the Earth resulted in the opening of the secret dimension passage between the Earth and the mythical land called “the Magic Forest,” the habitat of all beyond-ordinary creatures. At the center of the Magic Forest is “the Tree of Truth,” the keeper of the forest’s equilibrium, who cast a magic spell to hide the Magic Forest from invaders. When a drop of elixir water spilled on, the Tree of Truth conjured up a holy grail to save it. Unfortunately, this act had been heard by the two powerful deities: the Great Garuda, King of Birds, and the King of Nagas, the Ruler of the Underwater Empire. The battle for immortality began. Magical livings, hermits, and even humans all joined in with the same quest: to fight for the elixir water and become immortal. And the battle turned into the Epic War called “Tribhum, The Mystical Three Worlds.”

SHOW Makalee Flower Dance Venue: Makkalee Tree

Be enchanted by a mesmerizing dance performed by the most amazing flowers in the three worlds. See how their flower blossoms turn into beautiful ladies, and how they use their magical charms to lure nearby adventurers and entrap them in the Magic Forest, forever.

Kinnaree Show Venue: The Oasis of the Magic Forest

Enjoy a lively and colorful show by the Magic Forest’s crea- tures. This show shares a happy moment when the forest animals gain magical powers from eating the tree’s golden leaves, and when the Kinnareesfly down to the pond to take a bath. But, as no place is safe, beware of the hunter from above!

Magical Animals around the Magic Pond

Many kinds of magical animals live around the Magic Pond such as Khonthan “a cross between a human and a tree”, a musician who plays music to welcome Kinnarees; Kumpee Nimit “a half-human-half-crocodile being”, and Dhepnorasi “a half- human-half-lion being”*, both sing and dance to entertain all living creatures in the Magic Forest. These magical animals always welcome Kinnarees whenever they fly in for bathing in order to pay back for the magical power received from them.


15 mins to Old Town and Soi Romanee

Phuket Old Town, is an area of historical interest in Phuket City. The main streets of Old Phuket Town are Thalang, Phang Nga, Krabi, Dibuk, and Yoawarat. Old Phuket Town is noted for Sino-Portuguese buildings on both sides of the street. Many old buildings have been converted into shops, hotels, restaurants, and museums. Phuket has a rich history as tin-mining country peopled by SiameseChineseMalaysIndiansEurasians, and sea gypsies. A unique community in Phuket are the "Baba", with their own way of life, language, dress, and food. The core of this community was formed by early unions between Hokkien tin-miners and Siamese women. This distinctive Baba heritage can be seen in Old Phuket Town.[1]

Since the 16th century, Europeans have been involved in the tin trade of Phuket. In the 18th century, much of the island's tin mining was carried out by Hokkien Chinese who were instrumental in building the old part of the city. In the early-20th century, under Governor Phraya Rassada Nupradit, major European mining companies were invited in, and major public infrastructure such as roads and canals was built. No one knows exactly when the first building in this style was constructed, but photographs from the reign of King Rama V (1853–1910) show that it was already well established by then. Two styles of building in particular stand out: the shop-house (Sino-Portuguese style) and the big mansion (Sino-Colonial style).

If this is your first time in the old part of Phuket Town, our Walking Guide to Phuket’s most charming streets will save you time and sweat! The historical part of Phuket Town is not huge but is still vast enough to be visited in half a day. We break it down, street by street, and describe the main points of interest and significant landmarks. It’s easy and fun to explore, even on a rainy day, and there are plenty of little cafes and restaurants to take a break and enjoy lunch or even dinner.